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Telco and Computer Services
At XMC, we offer full range installation and setup of telecom, computer, POS systems and networks, including full line cabling, new installation build outs and full PBX services. We offer and support Avaya, Nortel, Asterisk (An Open Source Solution), that includes, ACD, Voicemail, and all traditional PBX functionality. We can provide complete end to end installation services and setups of your new system, or upgrades / remodel services to fit your needs.

Technology Consulting
Since the release of the 8086, XMC has been offering reliable technology consulting, in Networking, Productivity, Scalability, Systems Analysis, and more. Allowing our clients to have a clear forward picture, strong staff direction, and all concerns planned for prior to instituting new technology to better their production.

Administration, Management and Support
Offering installation, support, remote administration & project management for VOIP, Asterisk, Unix (Solaris & SCO), Linux and Windows networks, we make all platforms work together in harmony. We are heterogeneous specialists.
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T1/PRI or T1 internet
Local PRI's and Internet T1's - Casper and Cheyenne markets, $275/mo Call Sales at 307-233-8400 today to sign up.

Homa Hills, BB. Brooks Ranch, Alcova, Casper Mountain, River West, Paradise Valley, Bates Creek, Bessemer Bend, Big Muddy Area.
Are you tired of seeing a Rural service charge on your phone bill? Are you paying $70 per month or more, for your home phone? We can change this. We offer high quality Digital phone service, in conjunction with Alluretech's High speed wireless service for your home, all starting under $62 per month. Imagine, Home phone and high speed internet, for less than you are paying for your current home phone service. Contact sales today to start your service, or call 307-233-8400 and ask about our service.